Peer Review Process

1.  Peer Review Process

Choice For publish article made through editorial evaluation and review colleague. initially, all script evaluated by a composed editorial committee from member editorial team. Objective mainly is for determine is document will sent peer reviewed, colleague or no and for take decision fast about documents that do not sent. Rejection the based on novelty or relevance submission with room scope journal this.

2.  Initial Editorial Assessment

Indonesian Journal of Midwifery Today (IJMT) wants speed up the publication process with do evaluation beginning together editorial committee consisting from member editorial team. Objective mainly is decide is work the will sent for peer reviewed, colleague or no. important thing is breadth, compliance to guidelines, and wording. A script can returned to writer with request adjustment for assist the editor in choose is will send it for reviewed or no . writer expect decision initial editorial assessment from review process steps in time 1-2 weeks after submission.

3.  Review Process

Article will sent to peer reviewers after pass Initial editorial assessment. Every script reviewed by a minimum of two selected reviewers based on his competence. All over procedure review is double-blind, which implies that author and peer- reviewer know their respective identities. In every cycle review, reviewer must finish review in time three Sunday after accept request review. Every manuscripts that are judged by the editor to be appropriate for review colleague allocated to two requested reviewers, for evaluate paper the based on one from three criteria review journal: submitted article for reviewed must is work original, and not can submitted for reviewed elsewhere when currently reviewed for journal. After reviewed, leader editorial will give know writer related is paper has accepted, rejected, or need revised. Category decision accept revision small (accept with revision as suggested by the editor) revision large (possible accepted after revision big and surrender return) reject all effort done For give fair and thorough review as soon as possible maybe. If a writer certain that a script has rejected wrongly, a detailed appeal letter responded comment reviewer point by point must sent to the editor who, after review givers reports reference, decision end. Reviewed only by the leader editorial or letters editorial team to the editor or comment short about topic anything interesting attention moment this. For type delivery this, writer related will accept decision publication with fast.

4.  Decision Making Process

Decision to agree publishing based on recommendations from peer reviewers, with two recommendation acceptance required. If recommendation the two reviewers are different, the editor has choice for consult with a third reviewer. Leader editors and editorial committees create choice end for publish after consider reviewer recommendations.