Journal of English Teaching, Literature, and Applied Linguistics is published by the English Education Department, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education University of Muhammadiyah Gresik, twice a year in February and September. The purpose of this journal is to facilitate scientists, researchers, and teachers to publish original research articles or article reviews. The article essentially contains topics on Learning Media, Learning Strategies, Learning Technologies, English Literature, and Applied Linguistics.

Schedule published by JETLAL
Number 1

October - November  : Submission of articles
Descember- January  : Review article
January                          : Article editing
February                       : Publish

Number 2
March  - April             : Submission of articles
May- June                   : Review article
July                               : Article editing
September                  : Publish

Please send your article with the time we set. if you pass the time we set, there is still a chance to publish in the next period. we are happy to accept your article.
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E- ISSN : 2614-5871