Journal title Innovation Rsearch Journal
Initials IRJ
Abbreviation IRJ
Frequency 2 issues per year 
DOI prefix 10.30587
Print ISSN 2721-6683 
Online ISSN 2721-6675
Editor-in-chief  Dr. Sukaris, SE.,M.S.M 
Managing Editor  Aries Kurniawan, S.E.,M.Hum
Publisher Universitas Muhammadiyah Gresik
Citation Analysis Google Scholar

Innivation Research Journal is an international journal providing authoritative source of scientific information for researchers  in academia, research institutions, government agencies, and industries. We publish original research papers focused on  general research topic  as well as related topics. All papers are peer-reviewed by at least two referees. Innovation Research Journal is published and imprinted by Direktorat Penelitian dan Pengabdian Masyarakat, Universitas Muhammadiyah.

The publication language of Innovation Research Journal is an English. Manuscripts should be submitted in English or Bahasa. The submitted manuscript should comply with the grammar rules and the related scientific literature.

After the acceptance of the manuscript, the final copy should be submitted in English. Submitted final copies are checked by the language editors of Innovation Research Journal. Language editors may request a proofreading in case of insufficiency. Proofreading should be made by one of the accredited language institutions proposed below. The author(s) are responsible for the submission of the muniment.